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Land site - Talitsa bay on lake Vuoksi

The land sites are located about 1.5 km away from Gori village on the shore of Talitsa bay. The land site has calm relief descending towards the water. The land sites are of 10.9 ha and 9.7 ha. The land sites form a single complex with a natural zone. Land sites can be developed both together and separately. They can also be purchased separately or together.
20,6 ha on lake Vuoksi (Talitsa)

Old foundations of Finnish houses are located at the border of the land site with a forest. From the north, east and south, the land site is bounded by forest, from the west - by settlement lands. The land site goes around the bay on two sides. Typical Karelian nature, granite boulders, proximity to the quiet and calm water of the bay - that is the main attraction of this place.

Land site characteristics

Location Leningrad region, near villages Melnikovo, Gori
Land site area 10.9 ha + 9.7 ha (create a single complex)
Right of possession owned
Permitted use country-house construction
Utilities Approval to connect to the electricity mains. Letter of OAO "Lenenergo" for the possibility to connect to the electricity mains; Letter of OAO "Lenenergo" for the possibility to connect to the electricity mains
Transport accessibility good
Possible use business class or premium cottage village
Advantages picturesque area, great views, proximity to the lake
Price 1500 USD/are

General location plan

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