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Land site - Bolshoe Lugovoe lake

The land site on lake Bolshoe Lugovoe is a perfect place for outdoor enthusiasts. The land site is near asphalt road that links the villages Sosnovo, Razdol’e (Igora resort) and Korobitsyno (Snegniy, Zolotaya dolina and lake Krasnoe` resorts).

The land site is a peninsula of 13 ha, surrounded by lake Bolshoe Lugovoe. This not only creates natural borders and gives the opportunity to feel separated from the rest of the world, but also allows to make convenient planning of the location of cottages. The only entrance is just 35-40 meters wide.

The central part of the peninsula is mainly hilly, covered with pine trees. Individual houses or apartments can be built on the hills. (Cottages and other recreational facilities can be built on the hills). Unique Karelian landscapes allow inhabitants to forget about everyday worries.

13 Ha, Land site on Bolshoe Lugovoe lake

Lake Bolshoe Lugovoe surrounding the land site is clean, and has picturesque shores. The lake is a popular place for tourists and fishermen, it has a lot of fish.

The land site is perfect for the construction of elite club-type cottage village. Unique location, shape and landscape of the land site present a natural combination of competitive advantages.

Characteristics of the land site on Bolshoe Lugovoe lake

Location Leningrad region, near Razdol’e village
Land site area 13 ha


urban lands, PHC

Utilities Possibility to connect to the electricity mains. Letter of OAO "Lenenergo" on the possibility to connect to the electricity mains
Transport accessibility excellent
Possible use Elite club type cottage village. Recreation zone with cottages for year-round stay, other recreational facilities
Advantages Excellent transport accessibility, unique location and nature, strong zones of attraction: Resorts Igora and Korobitsyno. Recreational facility construction will be supplied by year-round influx of tourists


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For more information on buying plots for recreational facilities (or construction of cottage villages) in the Leningrad region, call +7 (812) 320-01-29, 947-86-80.
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