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Land site – Bannoe lake

A unique piece of nature protected from the north winds, with inland lake and sandy beaches.

A clean forest lake with calm water of amazingly beautiful, rich blue color is a pearl of this land site. The north shore of the lake is quite steep, it ascends sharply. Then the land site changes into a coniferous forest, which occasionally has deciduous trees. Steep shores and dense forest on the hill protect the lake and the land site from cold winds. The southern part of the land site, on the contrary, is more flat, with sandy beaches and small glades right next to the lake. Such landscape provides favorable microclimate.

The land site is great to spend weekends, holidays and vacations. It is a perfect place for those who want to do sports, restore health. The surrounding territory and the system of paths and roads can be used as a natural park. Here you can make ski runs in winter or just ride a bike in summer.

15 Ha on Bannoe lake

Land site on lake Bannoe is a perfect place for recreation, just 30 km away from St. Petersburg!

Name of the lake - Bannoe (Bath) - perfectly reflects the idea of ​​constructing a recreational complex with sports and wellness facilities, spa, aqua park, and cottages for recreation and accommodation.

The plan of development for the forest area, on the basis of which construction can be done, was prepared and approved. Business plan of the project is calculated. This place has excellent transport accessibility and can be connected to the electricity mains.

Characteristics of the land site on Bannoe lake

Location Leningrad region, near Vaskelovo, 30 km away from St. Petersburg
Land site area 15 ha (including a lake of 3.9 ha)
Status urban lands, for recreational purposes
Utilities under "Lenenergo" conditions
Transport accessibility excellent
Possible use The land site is perfect for building a SPA hotel, water park or recreation center
Advantages Inland lake, picturesque area. Proximity to the city. A project for a country recreation center was prepared, business plan was designed. Constructed buildings and structures would be legalized in the property.


The land site on the map of the Leningrad Region

Photos - Bannoe lake

Scheme of the land site on a road atlas

Photos - land site on Bannoe lake



Documents and additional information

For more information on buying plots for recreational facilities (or construction of cottage villages) in the Leningrad region, call +7 (812) 320-01-29, 947-86-80.
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