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Land for cottage villages

Best offers:

Okhta - Park

9.76 Ha, 7 kilometers away from St. Petersburg

Bannoe lake

15 Ha, 30 km away from St. Petersburg

B. Lugovoe lake

13 Ha, Land site on Bolshoe Lugovoe lake

Excellent land sites of the Karelian Isthmus

OOO "Sistema" offers exclusive land sites in the Leningrad region: Environmentally friendly areas, beautiful nature, good transport accessibility. All land sites are located on the banks of rivers and lakes or in the immediate vicinity. We are confident that our land sites will raise the interest of the investment and construction companies that are interested in development of territories with retail sales opportunities. In addition, acquisition of the represented land sites may be considered as reliable investment of money considering the market trends during this current recession.

Land sites for cottage construction

Four best land sites for the construction of elite cottage villages or club type villages in the Leningrad region: On lake Bannoe, lake Bolshoe Lugovoe, Okhta river (near "Okhta-park") and on lake Komsomolskoe. Each land site is unique and has a set of fine qualities. All land sites are located in the forest and have excellent transport accessibility.

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