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Land for recreation facilities construction

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Bannoe lake

15 Ha, close to Varzolovo, 30 km to St.Petersburg

B. Lugovoe lake

13 Ha, close to Razdol'e, 60 km to St.Petersburg

Okhta river

9,76 Ha, close to Syargi, 7 km to St.Petersburg

Vuoksi river

5 Ha, close to Vasilievo, 100 km to St.Petersburg

Excellent land sites on the Karelian Isthmus

Sistema LLC offers exclusive land sites in the Leningrad region: areas with good ecology, beautiful nature and good transport accessibility. All of our land sites are located either right on a river's or a lake's shore or in the close proximity to them. We believe that our choice of land sites would attract attention of investment and construction firms that are interested in land development. In addition, acquisition of land plots is a safe investment, taking into account that currently economy is still recovering from the crisis. 

Land for recreational facilities

Each of the land sites for recreation facilities construction in our portfolio has its unique location, offering various benefits to choose from. If you are looking for a land plot close to St.Petersburg, the 9,76 Ha land site near Okhta - Park  located only 7 km away from the city would be of interest to you. On the other hand, if you are searching for a land site with wonderful views and vast opportunities for water sports and travel, you may consider the 5 Ha land site on the Vuoksi river close to Vasilievo village. At the same time, if the plot of land you need has to be one of its kind, please have a look at 15 Ha land site on the Bannoe lake that has a private lake and 13 Ha land site on the Bolshoe Lugovoe lake that occupies a whole peninsula in a marvellous lake surrounded by a forest. 

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