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Land site on the Vuoksi lake close to Gori village

The land plot located close to Gori village has various advantages that make it a wonderful place for spending time away from the city with your friends and family. This land site it is located right on the bank of Vuoksi lake with numerous islands that form a breathtaking scenery. From all the other sides it is surrounded by a charming forest that is an example of beautiful Karelian nature.

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Additionally, the location at the Vuoksi lake shore allows to travel to other attractive destinations like Ladozhskoe and Sukhodolskoe lakes, therefore making this area of special interest to water sports and water transport enthusiasts.

Characteristics of the land site

  • Priozersky district of the Leningrad region, near Gori village
  • Around 120 km away from St.Petersburg
Land site area 8,5 Ha
Right of possession Owned
Permitted use Country houses construction
Utilities There is a confirmation from the electricity company on the possibility to connect to the electricity mains
Transport accessibility Good
Possible use
  • Cottage village construction
  • Recreation center construction
  • Private estate construction
  • Breathtaking view on the islands
  • Picturesque area
  • Lakeside


General location plan


Top view of the land site





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